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“Fake drawers”, real art: Fotolia’s TEN campaign goes post modern this September

Following August’s special edition motion design artist, Lydia Baillergeau, design, TEN It is now back on track and headed to Spain with its 9th international digital artist: Sergio del Puerto, better known as his studio’s alias, Serial Cut™. His creation, « Fake drawers », will be downloadable to download for free for 24 hours on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 on www.tenbyfotolia.com.

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A toast to inspiration

Fotolia presents Lydia Baillergeau American artist and first special edition of TEN Season 2

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Fotolia presents Alexey Samsonov, aka Somistar, the 7th digital artist of TEN, Season 2

Somistar's composition "Island" will be available for free and for 24 hours in PSD, format, on July 10th, on www.tenbyfotolia.com

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Be inspired by the return of fotolia’s ten collection showcasing the best international artists and releasing PSD files to the public

Advanced Photoshop issue 111 contains an exclusive interview with Fotolia CEO Oleg Tscheltzoff, director of Fotolia UK Daniela Reissmann, a special feature on Fotolia's TEN Collection artists

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TEN Season 2

Feature on Gustavo Brigante, the opening artist of Fotolia's TEN Season 2. Computer Arts UK

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