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New Year 2015 Clock (with Matte)

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Earth rotation 360 degrees with the Sun light lens flare

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crowd of people cheerful cheering  on green screen

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Builder with tablet PC episode 6

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Woman withdraw cash from ATM (handheld shot)

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бизнес концепция

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blue digital world 10.00-20.00 loop

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Nombres globe fond bleu

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Cigarette production

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heavy rain in turin, italy

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digital clock full 24h time-lapse

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rain and wind

68948107 Video

Rain splashing on the window pane

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World Map Connection Glowing line

66237872 Video

Typing SMS

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Snowfall into the river

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steel drum with  handle and huge roll of labels is rotated

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Aerial of Dirt Bikes Ramping

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Group of pets sitting

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Financement investissement conseil nuage de mots vidéo

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Two men sparring on ring

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Silhouettes of woman and her horse at sunset in the field

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Female Commuter On Train Working On Document

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Couple jogging on forrest path in slow motion

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Montage presenting business team interacting

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Working hard in the office

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Businessman drawing a business graph

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